Patent Research Services

Our comprehensive patent research services deliver the most in-depth results in a wide variety of technology fields.

These searches are done through various patent, non patent and business information databases. We further provide services for legal status analysis, structure searches, gene sequences and reaction searches.

Type of Search   Information Coverage   Turn Around Time
Patentability/ Novelty search Patent and Non-patent literature. 5 Business days
Validity/ Invalidity search Patent and Non-patent literature. A variety of creative strategies are applied to unearth relevant prior art. 7-20 Business days depending on requirements and budget
Accelerated examination search Patent and Non-patent literature
The searching and reporting is performed as per the USPTO guidelines.
4 – 7 Business days
Freedom-to-operate/ Clearance search Patents specific to a country. 7-18 Business days depending on technology and budget
State-of-the-art search Patent and Non-patent literature. The search is non-meant to be exhaustive because it helps pin point general state of the art of the technology. 7-15 Business days depending on requirements, technology and budget
Patent/technology updates and watches Patent and Non-patent literature. Weekly, Monthly updates can be scheduled. Weekly, Biweekly, monthly, quarterly
Legal status/Recorded
reassignments citation/Family
Patents. In house data extraction and summarization tools are used to reduce cost and provide quality results. 3-5 Business days
Specialty searches Specialized data sources (patent and non-patent) like STN, Derwent etc. 2-5 Business days
Assignee/ Inventor/
Reassignment searches
Specialized patent databases like STN, Dialog and Derwent because of efficient indexing. 2-5 Business days
Biztech (Business + Technology) analysis Multiple business databases. 3-10 Business days depending on requirements