Patent Analysis

Patent analysis services of Inrea Research include Patent Landscape Analysis & Mapping and Visual Theme Mapping.

Patent Landscape Analysis & Mapping is a comprehensive analysis of patents that enables strategists, scientists and attorneys take key decisions in new product development, R&D planning and strategic development.

Our expert team of patent analysts performs rigorous data mining, data visualization and data analysis to generate a patent landscape that helps clients identify competitive and technology trends. We also provide clients with a database of patents which can be updated and used for internal analysis. Clients can also obtain add-on business research on the landscape to gain additional insights and take better business decisions.

Visual Theme Mapping provides quick and insightful analysis by clustering large datapoints on a geographical topographic map. Visual Theme Mapping enables key decision makers to understand and visualize the relationship of large datapoints in a quick turnaround time and a cost effective manner. Visual Theme Maps support clustering on patent and non-patent bibliographic data as well as manually categorized publications.

The concise and insightful analysis provided by Inrea Research can help you:

Perform competitive benchmarking
Perform SWOT analysis
Understand patenting strategies of competitors
Understand technology trends
Understand IP roadblocks
Identify risks
Create and acquire new IP

Uncover in/out licensing and collaboration
Perform M&A due diligence
Design future R&D strategies and investments
Out-license patents
Identify patents for spin offs
Identify patents which are non-core to a
company's core strategies


Subject matter experts.

Multi database searches through Derwent,
Delphion and Micropatent to ensure
completeness of data.

IP and Business expertise to relate patent
information with market information.
Multi level manual and automated quality
check processes.

The internal tools developed at Inrea Research
ensure data integrity, quick turn around time
and hence reduction in costs, flexibility in
analyzing 15000+ patents, flexibility in
deliveries, analysis and updates.