IP Management

In-house IP management teams encounter a complex mix of issues related to IP transactions, patentability of invention disclosures, industry profiling, competition profiling, updates and watches, freedom to operate, M&A/ spin-offs, in/out licensing and many more.

At Inrea Research we work closely with the in-house IP managers for their regular and adhoc IP needs. Our subject matter expertise (people from top institutes like IITs and NITs), extensive information coverage (patent and non-patent) and flexibility in delivery are the three corner stones of Inrea Research.

Backed by state of the art patent analysis tools, interactive drill down enabled IP dashboards and provisions for providing data in a normalized database Inrea Research supports its clients not only in providing insights but also in managing patent data for future updates and dissemination of relevant information to relevant stakeholders.

The value add comes from the fact that we provide these services at a fraction of traditional costs mainly because of our process automation tools, industry benchmarked and innovated search/ analysis frameworks and the location of our operations in India.

With advantages like these it is no wonder Inrea Research supports a variety of clients including Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, IP Consultants and Law firms across the globe.