IP Consultants / IP Licensing Professionals

You need to advise your clients with a variety of problems ranging from freedom to operate, patent ability to strategizing patenting activities, portfolio analysis, R&D investments, spin-offs, M&As and in/out licensing. More often than not you have certain budget constraints, you want to avoid staring at data to find insights, and you want the flexibility to drill down within patent maps.

Above all, you are pressed with tight deadlines and are looking for patent search and analysis service providers who are responsive to your needs and understand the technology domains of your clients thoroughly.

We at Inrea Research have developed the right processes, analysis tools and customizable IP dashboards so that you can take quick decisions to advise your clients. Backed by solid data our subject matter experts understand your requirements, the required turn around time and your budget to provide you with detailed patent analysis.

We further provide out-licensing and in-licensing support by diligently combining business research with patent analysis. Read more about our commercialization support services.