Why Inrea Research

We are committed to satisfying our clients to the best of our abilities while maintaining complete transparency. We believe in building long term relationships with all our stakeholders and following strict confidentiality procedures and code of ethics. We constantly look to set ourselves higher standards through newer challenges and continue to enhance the quality of our output.

Experts who speak your Technology

Strong technical teams are the foundation of patent research and analysis projects. Analysts at Inrea Research hold advance degrees in diverse fields from the top universities of India, including IITs and NITs. The sound technical knowledge of our analysts combined with professional experience of the project managers ensures superior quality in patent research and analysis.

Extensive information coverage

Inrea Research subscribes to a variety of patent and non-patent databases. Our patent databases include Delphion, Micropatent, Patbase and Derwent.

To ensure quality, we perform searches in multiple databases because often the same string produces different results across various databases. We further subscribe to STN and DIALOG for structure searches, gene sequences and reaction searches. We also use these databases for inventor and assignee searches because of indexing advantages. Our non-patent information coverage includes a wide range of information sources including research publications, technical disclosures, dissertations, newspapers and newswires, and magazines.

Rapid Turn Around Time

Inrea Research ensures a quick turn around time in its prior art search projects through its disciplined processes and efficient project management.

Various process automation tools at Inrea Research further ensure rapid turn around time in patent analysis projects. We complete a patentability search in less than 5 days, while validity and clearance searches are completed within 7 to 15 business days depending on the scope of the project and the budget authorized by you.

Complete Transparency

Be it our fixed cost quotes, full time equivalence delivery model or time-based model, we will provide you with complete transparency with no hidden charges. Our transparency does not end here. Our reports contain a detailed account of the methodology, including search strings, classification used and databases searched.

If you find our methodology is not meeting your requirements, we will redo the project at no extra cost.

Flexibility in Delivery

Inrea Research works on a variety of delivery models, including: demand-based fixed quote model, on-demand budget based model, offshore research center (ORC) based model and hybrid models. Our delivery models are highly flexible and completely adapted to your needs and long-term goals.

In addition to the delivery models, our reports delivered to you will be 100% customized to your requirements.

Substantial Cost Benefits

Since our operations are located in India, you can enjoy more than 40% savings in your costs by outsourcing http://www.essaywritinglabs.co.uk your projects to us.

Moreover the process automation tools developed at Inrea Research further decrease patent analysis project costs and improve turn around time.